Bukalapak Call Center : Mocipay

Currently, cases of online fraud are increasingly rife, therefore customers must know the Bukalapak call center. The growing number of customers is certainly the potential for crime by outsiders must increase. Starting from counterfeit goods to goods do not arrive.

Therefore, customers should not hesitate to take advantage of the consumer call feature that has been provided by Bukalapak. Consumers who are cooperative with this kind of thing can reduce the potential for cyber crime. So as a consumer you also play an important role.

Who said that Bukalapak call center is  only used to complain about defects. Various kinds of complaints you can  convey directly to the manager without the need to think twice. The faster you move, the potential for unwanted things will be mitigated.

Sometimes customers can also find shortcomings in the application and also services that can be delivered directly to the manager. With a quick report like this, the manager will also correct the shortcomings faster. Don’t hesitate to use consumer calls because they can help you.

Bukalapak Call Center Number  2021 That Must Be Known

Anyone can contact the call center from Bukalapak to report complaints related to products or stores.  You just have to press the button 021 5081 3333 to be able to directly connect to Bukalapak consumer services. The service is also very convenient and can be accessed at any time.

The manager has emphasized many times bring this consumer Bukalapak call center  service  can be contacted 24 hours in seven working days. So don’t wait tomorrow to report any suspicious actions from irresponsible investors.  You play an important role in being able to stop the practice of cheating.

For the cost issue, don’t worry , Bukalapak has collaborated with several telecommunication operators in Indonesia to maximize its services. So your call  will not be charged either from the center or the network operator. It’s easy and cheap not to be a responsible customer.

There are a wide variety of customer complaints that can be reported directly using this feature. Starting from fraud cases to service interruptions from the center you can  report directly and easily. This feature is provided by the manager to be able to facilitate service to consumers.

Although working hours are limited every morning to evening, the Bukalapak call center  is still open forever.  You as a consumer should not be afraid to make calls even though it is midnight. The manager still accepts because your comfort  is the top priority.

In the next discussion will be peeled in more detail about what reports you can  convey to customer service. That way consumers can use this feature responsibly without disturbing the interests of other consumers.

What Can Be Reported on Consumer Services

Bukalapak has provided a means for consumers to submit various complaints including product defects to fraud from sellers. Here is what you can  report directly to the manager when encountering a case.

Product defects are the most common complaints of customers. In general, product defects are highly recommended to be reported to the owner of the stall. But if cases like this still often occur in the stall then consumers can report it to the center.

Fraud is the main case that consumers must report to the central party so that it can be handled immediately. There are indeed some cases of rogue floaters deliberately deceiving consumers with various modes. No need to wait twice for you to directly contact the Bukalapak call center.

Payment disruptions can occur from the bank or the manager. Because it is directly related to money from consumers, it must be reported immediately. Problems like this usually occur due to an overloaded central system but can occur due to clearing from a bank.

Application errors may sometimes be experienced by customers and the first solution is obviously contacting the consumer service. If the case of this application disruption occurs to you , it is highly recommended to contact the center directly through the number provided.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Call from Bukalapak

As one of the largest e-commerce managers in Indonesia, Bukalapak is certainly  very concerned about the security and comfort of its customers. In certain cases, the center may contact the consumer directly when there is an irregularity in his account.

If you have a balance in Bukalapak and there is an awkward consumption, Bukalapak will immediately confirm. This is because it is not uncommon for suspicious transactions to occur because there are third parties who abuse their access to your account.

To avoid losses and consumer complaints so Bukalapak will contact directly. Feel free to pick up the phone or receive whatsapp messages from the center directly. If the center calls directly, it will be seen the name Bukalapak and not a foreign number.

Consumers sometimes doubt this because it is not the Bukalapak call center  number  used. This is true because the center has provided its own server to make calls to consumers. So if there is a name Bukalapak contact you immediately pick it up.

There are already many cases that can be prevented because the center makes an early call on the customer number concerned. If you refuse the call, you will make it difficult for the manager to overcome the problem. Also check your email  because the center also sent a notification email.

Isn’t the effort on the part of the manager is very large to maintain the safety and comfort of its customers. As a consumer, of course , you must act cooperatively on mitigation actions taken by the manager. Acting cooperatively is also appreciated by the manager by giving certain bonuses.

Get Whatsapp Messages from Bukalapak Don’t Ignore

In addition to using conventional telephone networks, the manager also has an official whatsapp account. The characteristics of the account are that it has a blue check mark indicating legality. Never ignore whatsapp messages from the manager because there are so many functions.

Not only a matter of bonuses or discounts but not infrequently the manager tells of suspicious activity from your account. When this happens it means that there is a third party who misuses the account. As a responsible manager, Bukalapak will contact in various ways.

Starting from conventional phones, emails, to whatsapp messages so you really won’t miss a critical event. Usually if you have made a transaction at a problem store, the manager will contact. Especially if you never use  the Bukalapak call center  feature  provided.

Managers are very concerned about the safety of their consumers so that few problems will be taken immediately. Accounts that have a balance on the opening of the wallet usually have the potential to get a message directly from the manager to perform confirmation activities.

It does seem very troublesome and annoying but this is for the safety and comfort of consumers. It’s better to get a message early before anything untoward happens to your account. There are not many e-commerce managers who care about customers such as from Bukalapak.

After knowing this information, of course, you will understand more and more how the management’s consumer service works. Do not be consumed by gossip that says that being called Bukalapak means you  will be hit with a fine. Bukalapak call center  service is  always open if you have unanswered questions.